Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night April 10th 2012

Aria and Etherea spent some time at the hospital after their encounter with the mysterious Dr. Vashir.

Molly may have mentioned that her Teddy Bear doesn’t like Aria.

CSI went over the scene of the fight in South Side. No trace evidence of any value. Most importantly there was no trace of the purple suit material.

CSI also went through Reed’s office at the PD. He’d killed the hooker Sugar in self-defense, at least that’s the story he told the first units on the scene.

The body of Sugar was taken the the morgue. She had injuries consistent with Reed’s statement. And there was the little matter of her actually being another alien wearing a human suit.

The real Sugar, or so she says, called Etherea to ask the detective to bring home some pizza for dinner. Sugar doesn’t have a mobile phone, and Etherea doesn’t have a land line, so this sugar made the call from a public phone. I wonder if anyone saw her? Especially anyone that might be in the group trying to kill her. The same group it seems that is mostly populated with aliens wearing human suits.

On the subject of aliens wearing human suits. Dr. Sohl seems to be wondering when the Feds are gonna show up to claim all the alien corpses.


Counting the ‘original’ people wearing alien aka FBI Agent Sarah Prince (who I have in tube stasis), the count is up to 5 on the exam table or in my holding freezer. Running out of room for the ‘normal’ traffic the hospital has to handle.

On a side note, since all the skins to date have been ‘cloned’ from real people — Prince, homeless folk we have been able to DNA match, and Miss Candle (Sugar) — where are these people or their bodies if they are no longer alive?

Game Night April 10th 2012

I distrust Teddy for that matter as well, wondering if its gonna come down to stealing it during the night or gettiung a flamethrower.

Game Night April 10th 2012

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