Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night April 17th 2012

Aria made a quick switch to replace Molly’s Teddy Bear. But Molly is very close to Teddy, and she’s sewn him up before. She can tell her own stitching. Aria convinced Molly that Teddy was stolen by the evil Bonnie Black.

Choi, Etherea, and Payton were informed by Lt. Devlin of the CCPD that they needed to find Tracy “Sugar” Candle she was involved with Eric Bonner, who was killed in prison. It’s suspected that Eric’s killer is one of the aliens we’ve been seeing, and it’s possible Sugar might be able to provide a lead. Of course, Etherea knows exactly where Sugar is supposed to be, since the girl came to her for help. The police are trying to sort out what, if anything, Sugar might know. She gave them a couple of possible clues. One if a former contact of Eric’s, some guy that works at the pawn shop. And something else she mentioned was important. What was it though…

Molly, Rebekkah, and Aria are working to try and lure Bonnie Black out. They are conducting some experiments with the purple goo that Aria had been covered with. But it’s not really the purple goo.

While waiting to see if the trap will draw out the prey, Aria went to the hiding place where she had hidden Molly’s Teddy Bear. The rock covering the hole was overturned and Teddy was no where to be seen. Who has it now, and what are they going to do with it?


The experiments on the purple ‘goo’ are really with the real ‘goo’. The purple ‘goo’ being used as a lure is not. It is something Molly whipped up in her lab… although… she never did tell me what she ‘whipped up’ and how she did it so rapidly. mmmmm

Game Night April 17th 2012

As for Teddy… I am having some severe misgivings about this whole incident and how much it has affected Molly. While I want to help her get better; stealing her bear and lying to her face is not how I saw ‘helping’. And, Aria’s almost ‘fixation’ on trying to catch this ‘perfect woman’ is teetering between annoying and creepy.

Game Night April 17th 2012

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