Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night April 24th 2012

Detective Reed followed up on some leads that led him to the Tikki Bar in Southside to talk to Maggie the scaly surfer girl. Who is apparently more than that.

Aria looked for clues to the disappearance of Teddy. She found some lint in the hole where she had buried him shhhh, it’s a secret that she stole kidnapped Teddy but not much else. She went to Southside to try and find Bonnie Black, the villain behind everything!

Molly and Rebekkah had a talk about the missing Teddy and tracing cell phone calls. Molly seems lost without Teddy. She had received a call on her mobile from Teddy, and she was able to trace the call back to a phone booth. How could a foot tall bear use a payphone? After work she walked past the phone on her way home. Hey, it was worth a shot. She saw some small items staked up in the phone booth, mostly from a nearby trash bin. Someone, perhaps someone a foot tall or so, might have been able to use the staked items like stairs to climb up to the shelf under the phone to make a call. But that’s not to say a stuffed bear actually dragged all those things over there to stack them up and use a payphone! She also saw some traces of mud and tufts of fuzz. She took samples, because she is a scientist and not because she expects the trace evidence to suggest her beloved Teddy struggled for over an hour too get to a phone to call his Dr. Molly.

Etherea and Choi weren’t present, so it was assumed that they were keeping vigil over Tracy “Sugar” Candle. Sugar gave them a lead about Derrick Renfro, the manager of the pawn shop down in Southside. Derrick and Eric Bonner were chums. the detectives would have been able to determine through diligent police work that Renfro went to visit Eric in prison a few times while Eric was awaiting trial.


Personal Journal:
I am increasingly worried about the mental health of my friend, Molly Footman. After being kidnapped, mind semi re-written, rescued but never really ‘helped’ afterward, she seems on the thin knive edge of losing it entirely. She has fixated on a stuff bear I gave her during her initial recovery.

More odd things have happened since and she only ‘trusts’ her Teddy and me. Now, I am wondering if she will crack entirely if she discovers I helped Aria ‘switch bears’… in an effort to track down the ‘perfect woman’ (Bonnie Black) who has been visiting Molly at her lab with offers of research money and other ‘help’. Aria suspected this Black person had somehow bugged the stuffed bear after Aria had done something similar. All this intrigue is giving me a headache.

Plus, now Molly’s Teddy is gone. Someone stole it from the place Aria had hidden it at. And, Molly got a cellphone call from Teddy! Our CSI tracked the call to a payphone and it showed signs of ‘someone or something’ having made a call to Molly from there!

Molly is near her snapping point without Teddy. How will she do if she ever finds out I was helping with the ‘bear switch’ with Aria and knew about the lab incident that left a hole in the wall? She is the best friend I’ve got but I feel like I have really let her down.

Game Night April 24th 2012

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