Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night April 3rd 2012

Molly’s Teddy Bear is cute. The good doctor may have learned some embarrassing things recently about what happened to her lab.

The new CSI Sven contacted Etherea to give her the results of her analysis of the chalk man crime scene. It’s been stated by Filmore Fine that Etherea is the defacto “Strange Case Detective”

Aria decided to go stand in the same spot where Green Dragon attacked her. She met a lovely man there, Dr. Olen Vashir. It’s hard to know what Vashir was after. He quickly made Aria’s purple suit bind and gag her, but before he could do anything else Etherea showed up. Aria’s phone was sending the conversation, what there was of it, to the detective. Etherea was convinced to give Vashir a blood sample, in exchange he’s ensure that it would be possible to free Aria from her purple suit. He obtained Etherea’s attention by causing the suit to begin crushing Aria, to demonstrate that Etherea should comply with his wishes. Vashir got the blood sample, and vanished. Etherea was able to extract Aria from the suit, which seemed to be constricting around her again. The question is, what was it that Vashir really wanted?

Detective Reed got a visitor in his office at the precinct. Someone who he’d met before. She seemed nice enough, until she tried to kill him. At least, that’s the story he’s planning to tell.



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