Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night June 12th 2012

Everything was readied. Police officers formed a security perimeter around the warehouse the aliens were using to build their secret bio-weapon. Choi, Payton, Etherea, and Aria made ready to go in. Etherea was wearing a costume that the CCPD Lab boys had put together for her. Maybe a little more risque than what she might have chosen for herself, but it was functional and concealed her identity. Aria wore a high tech stealth suit and carried her tools.

Etherea and Aria went in through a second floor window while Choi and Payton entered through the front to create a distraction. Distraction turned into a hail of bullets and the hissing screams of the aliens. On the second floor Etherea and Aria found the TV reporter that had been dogging this story for a while now, armed with a video camera. She’d gotten a lead on the warehouse and followed it.

The battle was fierce as Choi and Payton shot it out with the aliens near the front door, unable to get too far into the warehouse due to the sheer number and ferocity of the creatures. Etherea used her super human strength to punch through the floor above to allow her and Aria access to the ground floor and the alien bio-weapon. The device was armed by one of the aliens, and the clock was ticking.

While the fighting raged Aria was able to gain access to the device. It was built from a mixture of alien and terrestrial components, but she was able to work through the system, eventually disarming the device.

Etherea, Choi, and Payton were finally able to dispatch the last of the aliens on the lower floor. The officers on the perimeter stopped any from escaping the building, and as things inside wound down the strange girl Payton had met before, Maggie, came down stairs. She too had joined the group, killing some of the aliens from upstairs. Maggie went to inspect the alien bio-weapon to ensure it was harmless.

These are some OOC conclusions, since I wasn’t feeling well and had to bail before I was able to close the loose ends

The Feds clear the arrest warrant for Aria. And they notice the glitch that keeps replacing the pictures on other wanted notices with her picture. They assure her that they will get it cleared up as soon as possible, but for her own safety they tell her it would be best to remain in Crescent City.

Agent Prince is found. She’s been held prisoner for weeks now. The Feds take her to a private hospital for a debriefing and to ensure she’s cared for.

The other alien teleportation devices are located. Maggie is able to give you the locations for those devices. They are all broken when the authorities get there, and several dead aliens are discovered along with them.

We are on summer break.

Not sure how long we will be on hiatus, but I wanted to let everyone have the summer off and take some time to work on how to better present story lines for players so that there is only one story at a time really. Let the players all have some part in the story, make it easier to follow and participate in. This will probably mean that some people wont have anything to do some weeks unless they seek out another player or an NPC to chat with.

Thanks again for all of your time and effort. The game has been fun for me so far, and I hope you have been able to enjoy it as well.



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