Second Life - Mean Streets

Game night May 1st, 2012

We had a number of observers on the sim for the game. Many of whom had never seen any role-playing before

The detectives debated weather a Teddy bear was a stuffed animal or classified as a doll when Patrolman Dixon mentioned he might need to take a report concerning Dr. Footman’s missing bear. That debate is still open mind you. It was interrupted by a shots fired call that came over the radio.

Aria awoke from her good night sleep to discover that she had company in her hotel room. Bonnie Black had come to see what all the interest in Aria was about. They spoke at length about their philosophical points of view, that was until Aria tried to put a bullet into Bonnie. That prompted the desk clerk to call the police, as well as a few of the other hotel guests. I would have to guess that Bonnie must have said something that touched a nerve in Aria, or perhaps the strain of being the focus of so much attention has finally taken it’s toll on Aria.

Madame Ekatarina Zoltara was enjoying her lunch at the nearby Subvay restaurant, she felt a disturbance in the….she sensed something dark in the hotel.

The police raced to the hotel and questioned Aria at length. Detective Reed used his special talents to get….well he got more than he bargained for but nothing to help with the case.

Eventually it was decided that Madame Zoltara might be able to shed some light on the mysterious Bonnie Black. The police and Aria went over to the restaurant where the fortune teller was having her lunch. Madame Zoltara was able to shed some light on the situation, and using her keen powers of observation alert them to impending danger. Okay, she happened to see a zombie shamble into the restaurant and drew their attention to it.

Attention drawn, and a host of firearms, the police dispatched the zombie. Someone made the observation that the zombies all seemed to have dark hair. Someone else made the observation that most of the police force were red heads. the zombie swelled up like a balloon and exploded, showering most of the people there in goo.

Haz Mat and emergency services were dispatched. The detectives, Madame Zoltara, and Aria are being taken to the hospital to be examined.

Tune is next week when we hear Dr. Footman say “Ewwww, gross!”


As long as I don’t get turned into a brain muncher, I’m happy. Though next time, I think we’ll toss Etherea in for a main course meal for them. :D

Game night May 1st, 2012

Didn’t you know? The sequel to Mean Streets was going to be a zombie sitcom. ;P

Game night May 1st, 2012

I think the Madame evaded going to the hospital. She may need to be rounded up.

Game night May 1st, 2012

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