Second Life - Mean Streets

Game night May 22nd 2012

After falling into a coma the victims of the mysterious virus struggled to survive. Had it not been for the heroic efforts of the hospital staff, they wouldn’t have made it.

Madame Zoltara had seen in a vision that if she let the EMTs wash the virus from her that all would be lost, so she hid in her shop, but the perspiration from her body caused the virus to activate some of the virus. Her fever dream was what allowed the other victims to spend time in their little artificial reality. The Haz-Mat team found Madame Zoltara and bundled her up to transport her to the hospital’s quarantine unit. Dr. Footman was able to get unactivated samples of the virus for study. She learned that the virus had a self destruct timer, so all she had to do was keep the victims alive until the clock ran out and their bodies could build an immunity. Easier said than done.

Once during the night they had to shock Aria back to life after her heart stopped. Etherea’s enhanced metabolism burned through fluids and at times they had to have three IV bags running at once to keep her from crashing.

Late the next day though the fevers broke and they began to recover. Choi was slowest to come back, fading in and out. It was determined that it wasn’t the virus, it seemed to be a physical reaction to a change in her brain chemistry. the medical staff continued to work on her to assist in her recovery, with the help of Payton Reed.

Reed had left his room in search of coffee. He dodged a reporter in the lobby who was talking to Patrolman Dixon about the virus attack and if there was a threat to the city at large. She asked if the victims might be turning into zombies. Dixon assured her that was not the case.

The staff tried paging Reed to locate him, and Dixon started a foot search of the areas of the hospital the majority of the staff avoided, which included the morgue. He found Reed in a corner, muttering, and all he could think of was the lady reporter’s question about zombie police. It was determined Reed was in search of coffee, and not a zombie.

Dixon brought Reed some coffee and reported that the CSI lab had used the material Reed had given them to figure out, based on foot traffic patterns, what the most likely place the aliens might be using as a base. When the PD tried to get a warrant they got contacted by the Feds and told to hold. Dixon related that a federal agent was in talking with Lt. Devlin so some answers should be forthcoming.

Aria had ordered pizza, and it had not arrived. She took this moment to ask Dixon if he could help. Dixon went to get the pizza, but it was Lt. Devlin who returned with it. This was when the staff began to work with Reed to find out what might be happening to Choi.

Join us next week when Lt. Devlin reveals what he’s learned from the feds.


Oh, this should be good. lol.

Game night May 22nd 2012

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