Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night May 29th 2012

Lt. Devlin informed some of the uniforms, Etherea and Aria that the Feds were aware of the presence of the aliens and their intent to build a bio-weapon that they suspect was designed to wipe out all human life. This bio-weapon was probably the same agent that had been used on the people at the Subvay restaurant, and therefore they were now immune. the doctors had given the police all the anti-viral for the compound that they had, so that several uniformed officers would also be immune.

The plan was simple, Etherea and Aria would slip inside the warehouse where the aliens were and disarm the device. Etherea would use her super powers to dispatch the aliens while Aria used her technical expertise to disarm the alien weapon.

Aria seemed reluctant, but Lt. Devlin was able to convince her by explaining that the Feds wanted to arrest her, he was able to convince them that she was far more valuable to the city, and possibly the world, by staying here to help. Aria thought to simply remove all traces of the warrant from the electronic world, but she soon discovered that she was showing up on all manner of warrants and watch lists, well her picture was. And the number was increasing every second. She agreed, under protest, to help save the world.



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