Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night May 8th, 2012

Etherea, Payton and Aria were put through decontamination by the Fire Department Haz-Mat team and taken to Sacred Heart Hospital to be examined.

Dr. Footman did a quick assessment and determined that each of them sounded like they had pneumonia, so she ordered a body scan and x-rays.

Meanwhile Dr. Sohl, the ME, examined the remains of the zombie that had showered the three in green goo. The goo was determined not to be what had come to be known as Zombie Blood but was something else entirely. The zombie was fitted with a bladder containing the goo that was hooked to a compressed air cylinder. When the zombie died the compressed air filled the bladder causing it to swell and eventually pop, showering everyone nearby with the goo. Dr. Sohl was able to determine the goo was a suspension agent for some sort of virus. The agent kept the virus inert, but once exposed to air the agent began to break down, and the virus became active. The agent had some characteristics of DMSO, which allowed it and the virus to be absorbed quickly through skin contact.

Dr. Footman called for a lock down of the hospital and full biological contamination protocols to be put into effect. The medical staff began to run blood and other tests on the victims once it was determined the virus took up residence in their lungs and was spreading through their bodies.

Thought was given to using the Purple Goo as a means of protecting someone, but when Molly went to the lab to check on the samples she discovered it was gone. Apparently someone broke into the storage area and took the two samples there as well as the small sample from Molly’s lab. The other small sample that Dr. Sohl had was still in her lab. The security system shows that it was Molly’s key code that opened the storage area, but the access was while she was discussing the virus with the patients. A chair was pushed up under the keypad and several books were staked in it, suggesting that perhaps someone in the area of one foot tall might have used the keypad. A broom was found inside the storage area near the cabinet the samples were in, perhaps used by someone very small to open the latch on the cabinet. The security camera that was observing the area was disabled.

The patients will be staying at the hospital for the time being, until the medical staff can get a handle on whatever it is they’ve been exposed to.



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