Aria Warden

A hacker and thief


Aria came to the city on a whim, while there she encounter Doctor Footman and Decetive Serendipity. From them she recieved hard drives and a flash drive to repair and crack any passwords on them using her.. Talents.

Shortly after fixing a the flash drive and cracking many of its passwords, she went to her bed, noly to awaken as Sawyer pressed a choloform rag to her face. When next she woke, she was in some warehouse in Southside, strapped down to a table, covered in a wierd shiny purple material and gagged. Shortly after this Detectives Serendipity and Reed arrived, just int ime to stop Sawyer finishing his planned transformation of Aria into a “Perfect Woman”

Until recently, she had been forced to rather wander in shiny purpleness, or wear latex, pvc or leather clothes as the purple stuff seems to eat anything else she wears.

Following an encounter with Olen Vashir, she was freed, albeit with some cracked ribs, from the purple thing that coated her. Following this she started to carry a gun, bearnapped Teddy as bait for Bonnie Black and eventually encountered what seemed to be a mental projeciton of the woman in one of her many Red head funded hotel rooms. She also seems to have zombies after her now.


A lover of tricks, hacking amd mischief, Aria never hesitates to use her “gift” to take other peoples possesions and often leave them with other nearby people, then sit back and enjoy the ensueing entertainment.

Her expertise at all things computer is where her real skill lies. She, with her custom made phone, has so far found nothing she cannot hack into, to the point she literally can just open up the FBIs database whenever she wants. This also tends to be her line of work, helping those who need discreet technical aid. She never uses her “gift” for anything other than her own amusement, at least until recently in this strange city where people hunt her.

Prior to coming to Crescent city, she mostly lived laid back, having no financial worries due to rarely buying anything. She cannot remember how or when her ability to take things unnoticed at high speed appeared, but shes used it for mischief since she was a child. No one could ever convict her, despite accusations. After all, there was no evidence anywhere. How do you convict a thief without visual or physical proof?

Since coming to the city however, shes become somewhat paranoid, a lot more stressed and refuses to move without some form of protection, to the point that she uses her abilities just to keep people away. Her laid back demeanor still shows through at times, but she has become alot more serious since her kidnapping and encounter with Vashir. All thats certain now is that she wants answers for what has happened to her, and she will do anything short of outright murder to get them.

Aria Warden

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