Dr. Molly Footman

Molly Footman is a medical doctor in the Emergency Department of Mercy General in Crescent City. She is also a medical researcher there delving into metahuman biology, reanimation of dead flesh and other esoteric matters.


Molly is a normal human female, about 39 or 40 years old. She is an Emergency Department Physician by training and had developed an interest in metahuman biology after treating injured metahumans in the Mercy General ED. She is now conducting research into DNA modification that would convert normal humans to metahumans.


Molly met Dr. Bekkah Sohl shortly after taking up her position at Mercy General. Bekkah, the ME, has become her best friend. In the course of her work, Molly was kidnapped and exposed to cold war mind control techniques that resulted in the contents of mad scientist Rob Reiger’s research and other hard drive data being loaded into her head. She was in a coma and suffered severe PTSD as a result of all this. While in a coma, she was give a Teddy bear by her friend, Bekkah, which she now carries with her most everywhere. She was again abducted, this time by person’s unknown. She has been becoming increasingly paranoid and believes the bear is speaking to her at times.

Throughout all this she has lost funding and been approached by mysterious people represented by Bonnie Black, the mysterious perfect woman in latex.

Her research has already created a giant mosquito that threatened the city. She is now talking about using it to make protectors.

Dr. Molly Footman

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