Elena Cassidy


Nel manages Easy Mark’s Bar & Grill. She is the 20something niece of Mark Cassidy, who owns the business.

Elena Cassidy (and Elena Swift) has a perfect driving record in this state and the one she used to live in. She has no criminal record. She has a decent credit rating and owns her car. She married Michael Swift young. A year later they had a son. Three years later the Swifts were briefly in the local news under suspicion of murdering their son. They were cleared of all charges. The boy simply fell asleep one night and never woke up. Natural causes. There is a record of a divorce six months ago.

The late Eric Bonner was a cousin of Nel’s. They grew up together in Crescent City. Described by Nel as “an asshole,” Eric did, at one point, kidnap her to protect her from “Them.”

Random Observations

Nel is a slightly unscrupulous pursuer of gossip, but she is highly protective of the city in which she grew up and will use what she learns for its betterment.

Nel seems to have cousins in nearly every business and group in the city. This often provides her with useful insight.

Nel holds the secrets of several superheroes and, strangely enough, doesn’t reveal them. The bar will always be a refuge for those in need.

Nel is almost always wearing a favorite necklace with a tektite stone. She claims she can’t even remember where she got it from, but she’s “had it forever.”

Elena Cassidy

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