Tracy "Sugar" Candle


Sugar was one of Eric’s friends. You could say they were sort of boyfriend/girlfriend. They hooked up after Cameron and Eric broke up. Sugar was a hooker, and not a high end one. Something happened to her a while back and she’s been on the addiction train ever since. She used to work for Joe at the gas station he runs over in southside. Joe has a soft spot for her and has been known to give her a few bucks from time to time.

Sugar was apprehended after the “jellow ninja assault.” For some reason, they were trying to kill her. She was treated for blaster burns and Cape detox, and placed in protective custody.

After Eric Bonner was shanked in prison, Sugar eluded her babysitters and went on the move, fearing for her life. She contacted Detective Etherea Serendipity and pleaded for asylum.

Currently, Sugar is sheltered in Etherea’s apartment. She provided details of those who tried to kill her. Oddly enough, some descriptions matched some bodies that recently showed up at the morgue. One of her stalkers appears to be Maggie the fish girl?

Tracy "Sugar" Candle

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