Street Drug


The drug known as Cape is delivered to the system through a patch worn on the skin. It’s effects onset rapidly, within seconds of the patch being applied.

In most users a feeling of euphoria are reported, with an overall feeling of well-being that lasts for several hours.

Analysis of the compounds show that Cape is a complicated steroid like substance which enhances human physical attributes and performance. a curious aspect of the compound is that it also has traces of human DNA. A rundown of the DNA against available resources turned up a hit. A cape from the 1990s called Powerhouse. He was a villain, mostly worked freelance for other villains. Dropped off the radar in 1998 and hasn’t been seen since.

The patch was a well known item. Police and the Medical Examiner have been looking at them in more detail this last month.

It was a ‘standard’ patch, using the typical med ‘accelerators’ to help with skin absorption of the other ingredients… though the introduction and ‘absorption’ of the mystery DNA is still under examination. One theory is that it is introduced much like a retro virus… DNA attached to a viral agent which then ‘inserts’ the DNA strands into the cells much as a virus normally does.

There are traces of steroids in the samples looked at by the ME and police. Thought to help with blood absorption and ‘boost’ which may explain the bit of euphoria mentioned.

The actual source of the DNA is still a bit of a mystery.
It has been identified as ‘meta’ but speculation is that it may have come from one of the early metas — Giant Man aka Henry (something not Pym). Though records seem to have been purged of his activities and only one very minor news article announced his death in the 90s, it is unclear if it is his meta DNA or not. Having viable DNA to test against has so far been a dead end.



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