The stuffed bear that Dr. Footman is so attached to


Dr. Sohl gave Teddy to Dr. Footman while she was recovering from the trauma of being exposed to a mind controlling device. She awoke from a coma with the bear and it had become her inseparable companion.


The bear, that Dr. Footman refers to as Teddy began to speak to her when it was first used as a hiding place for a “wire” by Aria Warden in her quest for the elusive Bonnie Black. It complained that the wire made it uncomfortable and tried to convince Molly that Aria was not to be trusted. At another point, Aria managed to substitute bears which after a short period of time, Molly figured out. In the meantime, the bear is missing from the place that Aria hid it. Molly has received phone calls from someone claiming to be Teddy and there are indications that the stuffed animal might somehow acquired a life of it’s own.


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