Second Life - Mean Streets

Game Night March 27th 2012

Aria kept prowling around trying to find Bonnie Black. What she found instead was Green Dragon. He wanted the flash drive Etherea had gotten from him. He and Aria struggled, and it wasn’t a pretty conflict. In the end he seemed to bleed out and turn to chalk. Luckily a woman saw the whole thing and was able to help Aria get loose. Sven, as it turns out, is a new CSI hired by Filmore Fine.

The ME was called to the scene, and the mysterious Madam Zoltara(sp?) showed up. If the mystic was there, there is a good chance she’ll be showing up in Aria’s life again.

Sugar, the former girlfriend of Eric Bonner contacted Etherea. She’s convinced some people are after her, the same people perhaps that got to Eric in prison. When Sugar described the people she’d seen following her some of them sounded familiar. Like the bodies of people who had turned up in the morgue, aliens wearing cloned human suits. They had all died from violence.

Etherea is looking after Sugar, reluctantly. But what doesn’t Etherea do reluctantly?

Game Night March 20th 2012

Aria continued to try to find a way to contact Bonnie Black, the woman Molly had told her about. She was hoping that the Perfect Woman might be able to help her get rid of her purple latex covering.

Detective Reed woke up in the back seat of his car. He’d lost track of a couple of days, but there was no evidence he’d drunk himself into his coma. He actually felt well rested.

Reed took Aria to see Dot, the goth-girl from the book store who had helped Etherea with her research into the mysterious doctor that had treated Franklin Sawyer. Reed thought that there might be a connection since the woman who was now going by the name Bonnie Black had been an actress that had a bit of a plastic surgery scare and then dropped out of site.

Dot couldn’t connect Bonnie Black to Dr. Olen Vashir, but Aria could. Once she knew about the doctor and where he had been working she was able to find out that the woman now calling herself Bonnie Black had been in the same South American country, for a little over three months. It’s possible that she was being treated by Vashir, perhaps undergoing her transformation into the Perfect Woman she is now.

That seemed to dovetail with something Sawyer told Aria while she was his prisoner. He kept saying something about the Doctor. Maybe he was referring to Dr. Vashir.

Game Night March 6th 2012

Detective Serendipity spoke with Dot, the goth-girl from the book store. Dot had been chasing down some leads on the mysterious doctor that had been treating Franklin Sawyer, Dr. Olen Vashir. Dot had been able to find a few details about the doctor, and even get Etherea a picture of him.

Detective Choi and Aria talked with Nigel Grant, the manager of the Peep Show. they were looking for the mysterious woman in black latex. He’d seen her around and directed them to Crystal (played by Jodi Jonson) a local working girl.

Crystal was able to give them some details, but the conversation might have been cut short when Dr. Footman sent a text to Aria. There was some curiosity about some recent modifications made to Molly’s Teddy Bear. It was speaking to her. That wasn’t on the list of modifications. There were some questions, and Molly asked that the listening device be removed from Teddy, as he had complained that it hurt….


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