April 24, 2012 Molly and Bekkah

The Teddy Tapes

April 24, (2012)

A dialogue between Doctor Molly Footman and Doctor Rebekkah Sohl in the basement lab of Sacred Heart Hospital.

Dr. Rebekkah Sohl taps the gag gift on her desk…

[17:39] MP Crystal Ball: Today could be a good day for making plans whether it is at work or at home.

“Heh, sounds like the Universe wants me to get back to work…” Dr. Sohl goes over to the scanning electron microscope and continues her study of the ‘purple gunk’ sample taken from the special container on the desk.

[18:00] Dr. Molly Footman knocks on the door leading into Dr. Sohl’s laboratory.

[18:01] Rebekkah Sohl: come on in Molz… I was just peeking at our purple gunk under the scope.

[18:01] Dr. Molly Footman smiles and opens the door. “Hi Bekkah. I was lonely and a bit scared.”

[18:01] Rebekkah Sohl: oh ya.. that whole Teddy thing. Sorry about that. I hope Aria can find him.

[18:02] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “I wish I could trust her. I have the cloned goo here. It’s far from perfect but it should pass superficial analysis.”

[18:03] Rebekkah Sohl: oh.. yikes… I have the real stuff over by the microscope… best keep them apart so we don’t mix them up.

[18:03] Rebekkah Sohl: Is Aria supposed to come pick it up?

[18:04] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “I will not let this container out of my hand. I thought she might… I suppose we should call her. I don’t think she’s going to help me with Teddy, though.”

[18:04] Rebekkah Sohl checks behind her to make certain her sample is still there.

[18:05] Dr. Molly Footman: “Do you think the police could trace a call from my cell phone memory?”

[18:05] Rebekkah Sohl: Teddy got you through some rough times. I wish you would see your way clear to get some counseling

[18:05] Rebekkah Sohl: heh.. they supposedly do it on TV.

[18:06] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “I know. I just got a call…. it cause me to doubt I can trust Aria.”

[18:06] Rebekkah Sohl: Bet the guys over in the CSI can ferret out any numbers in your cellphone.

[18:07] Dr. Molly Footman: “I’d love to know where it was from. The call history says Caller ED blocked. But I don’t know how hard that is to crack.”

[18:07] Rebekkah Sohl: heh… not sure myself. Hacking phones isn’t something I’ve ever tried. I’d hate to erase something vital.

[18:08] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “I’m sure Aria could if anyone could, but I just can’t trust her. Especially with this call.”

[18:08] Dr. Molly Footman: “I guess I should call the police.”

[18:09] Rebekkah Sohl: Call over to the CSI guys. Filmore might know someone on staff that is an IT/cell phone guru. Fil has been a pretty good guy .

[18:10] Dr. Molly Footman nods. "I remember him from some of the crime scenes. Good advice… good advice…. " Her voice trails off. Then, very quietly, “Bear not with me…..”

[18:10] Rebekkah Sohl: Molly… are you sure you are going to be alright? I mean… just me offering coffee isn’t cutting it. And ignoring any problems with intense work is not good for you either. I mean… sighs I sound like a naggy mom.

[18:12] Dr. Molly Footman quietly draws the phone out of her pocket and dials the police department. She nods absently to her friend. “I’m good… I’m good…” Her voice trails off as she waits for her phone to be picked up.

[18:15] Dr. Molly Footman: “I need to talk to someone about trying to trace a number in a cell phone history. Maybe this guy Filmore in CSI?”

[18:16] Rebekkah Sohl turns for a moment to put the scope into pause mode.

[18:16] Dr. Molly Footman: “Mr. Fine…. I have received a call on my cell phone that may bear on a case you guys are working on. It said caller ID blocked…. but I am wondering if the number can maybe be found out and traced?”

[18:17] Dr. Molly Footman: “Yes! Yes! Is there something I should do?”

[18:18] Dr. Molly Footman covers the phone. “I have Filmore on the line.”

[18:19] Rebekkah Sohl flashes a thumbs up.

[18:19] Dr. Molly Footman: "Thank you, Mr. Fine! Thank you…. hangs up the phone “They traced it to the phone booth near the bus stop downtown.”

[18:21] Rebekkah Sohl: Guess that’s something. Odd that a payphone was a blocked number though.

[18:21] Dr. Molly Footman: “I’m dealing with some very odd things, Bekkah. Very, very, very odd…. and bear not with me. It’s almost more than I can handle. But I’m good. I’m good.”

[18:22] Rebekkah Sohl: Sweetie, you really need to get some good, solid counseling. Not saying ‘drugs’… just be able to talk through all you have been through. And try to make some sense of it all.. so you can move on.

[18:23] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “Yes I do. But I can’t spare the time or take the risk right now.” Molly looks down. “It was Teddy who called. At least I know it was a real phone call now.”

[18:23] Rebekkah Sohl: Teddy called ?

[18:23] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “He says he’s on the run.”

[18:24] Rebekkah Sohl: No way. I mean… really? Filmore did trace the call and got the payphone …. weird.

[18:25] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “Really. I thought maybe I imagined it all. But there is a number in history and it does lead to a phone… a real phone. He’s not tall enough to use it… it makes me think that there’s someone else using him somehow….”

[18:25] Dr. Molly Footman giggles nervously. “Listen to me… not tall enough….”

[18:25] Rebekkah Sohl: wow. And I thought ‘people skin’ wearing aliens was pushing the limit around here.

[18:26] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “He says Aria is not to be trusted…. but…. if someone is somehow using him. I just don’t know what to think. At least I’m not getting crazier…. Or I hope I’m not.”

[18:27] Rebekkah Sohl: You.. are… not.. crazy, Molly. Maybe a little over stressed… but not looney tunes crazy.

[18:28] Dr. Molly Footman smiles weakly. “Thanks. But we both know I’m not quite OK I appreciate your faith. I’m scared, though.”

[18:28] Rebekkah Sohl: Well.. ya. A talking teddy bear. On the run…

[18:29] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “I know I have become OCD… and that Teddy is a security object for me. I can’t help it. But him talking? And running away? It’s so….” Molly pauses and searches for the right word. “Unlikely.”

[18:30] Rebekkah Sohl starts counting on her fingers…. giant mosquitoes, walking dead zombies, aliens…

[18:30] Dr. Molly Footman**: “But it really seems real to me. The sanest explanation is that somehow someone is using him.”

[18:30] Rebekkah Sohl: It wasn’t that hard to slip in a monitoring wire by Aria…. bet it would not be that much harder to slip in something else. And, as tiny as electronics can get these days…

[18:31] Dr. Molly Footman: “Even the idea of someone using him is pretty paranoiac. But they say just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

[18:31] Rebekkah Sohl: Exactly !

[18:31] Dr. Molly Footman nods in agreement. “It could be done. But I’ll be danged if I know how. I scanned him and found Aria’s wire… but I didn’t see anything else.”

[18:31] Rebekkah Sohl: Plus.. you had those ‘mysterious woman’ visits AND whoever is financially backing you.

[18:32] Dr. Molly Footman shivers. “The perfect woman in latex….. I feel like somehow it is her.”

[18:32] Rebekkah Sohl: hmmm.. Remember, we’ve been seeing a lot of highly advanced bio tech. Bet they can come up with some kind of tracker / scanner that’s more organic then mechanical… AND, she’s had opportunity to get close to you and Teddy.

[18:33] Rebekkah Sohl: It would not surprise me a bit.

[18:33] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “It COULD be… I sure wasn’t looking for anything like that when I scanned Teddy. God…. I’m nervous without him.”

[18:34] Rebekkah Sohl: shhh… you are going to be okay Molly. You did fine before Teddy.. and you will be fine now.

[18:34] Dr. Molly Footman nods uncertainly. “It’s not like I have any choice.”

[18:35] Rebekkah Sohl frowns. I’m sorry all this has been dumped on you Molly. You are one of the ‘good people’. I hate when stuff like this seems to keep jumping on you.

[18:36] Dr. Molly Footman gives a brittle giggle. “I’m sorry too. Not much to do except go with it. At least I have you, yet.”

[18:37] Rebekkah Sohl: You betcha… I’m not gonna run out on you. I mean.. after all.. I think I still owe you like a year’s worth of coffee and lunches. And we haven’t won the Nobel Prize yet. :D

[18:38] Dr. Molly Footman laughs. “No… not yet… but I think all this strange stuff may add up to one, Bekkah.”

[18:39] Rebekkah Sohl: Well.. between the bacteria based ‘green goo’ and the nano-bio tech ‘purple gunk’.. we have plenty to present.

[18:40] Dr. Molly Footman smiles. “Don’t forget my metahuman mutation engine. It should all add up to something improving the lot of all mankind.”

[18:41] Rebekkah Sohl: Sure. Or ensure some juicy grants for further study. You know the hospital loves it when those grants come in.

[18:42] Dr. Molly Footman laughs. “It’s enough that we’re both still able to work. God….” Molly shivers again. “Maybe I ought to go home and lie down for a bit. I wish ….I wish…” Her voice trails off.

[18:43] Rebekkah Sohl: …and get a good meal too. : I know you haven’t been eating well (I’ve seen the trays of food from the cafeteria…. )

[18:43] Dr. Molly Footman nods. “OK, Bekkah. Thanks for the advice about calling Filmore.”

[18:44] Rebekkah Sohl: Sure… Figured he’d be able to help out. He’s been pretty sharp on the forensic jobs. And don’t worry. We’ll get this all figured out.

[18:45] Dr. Molly Footman: "OK, Bekkah. I’ll just walk home up the ramp there… you get some rest too!

[18:45] Rebekkah Sohl nods. Yes ma’am.. I think we both deserve some ‘good rest’.

[18:46] Dr. Molly Footman waves and nervously opens the door and leaves, humming tunelessly. The click of her heels on the concrete of the ramp fades and she is gone.

[18:46] Rebekkah Sohl watches her friend walk up and away. “We will get this worked out and get you some help, Molz. I promise.”

The Teddy Tapes

April 24, 2012 Molly and Bekkah

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