Game World Background

The game will take place in the fictional Crescent City.

This is a modern urban setting in a world that is not terribly unlike our own.

This world has people with amazing powers, often referred to as Super Powers. They have many sources (see Origins in character-generation primer).

An event in the mid 1960s changed the world dramatically when what is commonly referred to as the Multi-Verse collapsed into a single universe for a moment. This event, called The Collapse, changed the word in dramatic ways. Some people from alternate universes were stranded here. Some vanished. Cities and sometimes geographic features changed in an instant.

Some people remembered the history that was in our history books. Some remembered the history of other universes. Although the extent of the Collapse might never be fully understood, people have adapted to the changes. It was almost a decade before things settled down, and now it’s like the Collapse never happened at all, like the world had always been like this. And scientists say that is the Multi-Verse smoothing over the rough spots left from the Collapse.

Now humanoid animals, human-cat hybrids, self-aware robots, supernatural beings, and superheroes walk the world. Well, sometimes they fly. Common and accepted.

Sure, there are hate groups, but there always have been and always will be, too, just like award shows. The world isn’t perfect.

Game World Background

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